Home for the Students – A Social Learning Framework

Young students and professionals are invited to participate in a learning program where students are offered scholarships and trips. It also constitutes a social platform for bringing Jews closer together

Dozens of the community’s young people, aged 18-28, mostly students, participate in a special learning framework offered several times a week and adapted according to the international STARS project.

The participants choose between different study courses and are granted scholarships or alternatively, a unique trip to Europe, both focusing on a wide variety of interesting and relevant topics in Judaism. They are tested on the learned material and are obliged to attend the lessons according to a pre-scheduled learning plan.

In addition to Judaism studies, the students enjoy special social experiences and unique opportunities to meet people of their age and religion for the purpose of marriage. In addition, the STARS club hosts Shabbat meals, seminars, and special Shabat courses, trips, and parties, along with special lectures and encounters with public figures - for the benefit of the participants.

For these young people, these unique learning experiences constitute the stable anchor to their long-term relations with Judaism.