Healthy Summer – Summer Camps for Children and Teenagers

The Jewish community collaborates with additional organizations with the goal of offering a fun and healthy summer to all the children of the community in special summer camps for children and teenagers

Throughout the years, summer camps were proven to be one of the most effective ways for bringing children closer and exposing the children of Israel to their Jewish roots and tradition. For this reason, Beit Chabad and the Jewish community invest extensive efforts in holding summer camps adapted to the local language and mentality as well as making sure each child of the community has a positive and meaningful summer experience.
The summer camps are available for children between the ages of 6-16 and offer the participants trips, attractions, sports, swimming, workshops, creations, society games, meaningful tradition lessons, Shabbat seminars, and many more. The participants are offered nutritious and Kosher meals.

Over the years, the summer camps of the community have gained a reputation and have become popular among the children and parents who are looking forward to the summer each year so that they could participate and enjoy this unique experience.