A School Transformed into an Experience

The Jewish school of the community operates in the afternoon, thus offering the children of the community a perfect solution for enriching activities in a safe Jewish environment

Most of the children in Chernivtsi are enrolled in the extensive government school system operating in the city. In the purpose of enriching their knowledge in Torah and Judaism and offering them a positive Jewish learning experience, the community established the afternoon Jewish school SmartJ. This afternoon school operates as part of an international network of Russian language schools throughout the former CIS countries.

The school provides an appropriate and comprehensive response to the needs of the parents who are at work during those times: a nutritious meal, keeping the children safe and taking care of their mental and social well-being, enrichment classes, assisting the children with homework, building positive and healthy social relationships, and more.

The school operates according to the informal education laws and offers the participants an enjoyable and fruitful learning experience in a variety of popular fields such as English, science, robotics, computers, art, and more. Those classes are offered along with enrichment lessons in Jewish tradition and legacy, life and learning skills, as well as trips and attractions throughout the year.