Every Child Deserves High-Quality Jewish Education

The Jewish community in Chernivtsi operates a wide highly influential educational array with the goal of providing every Jewish child with high-quality Jewish education; from early childhood to adulthood

With the purpose of ensuring the continuity of the Jewish people and strengthening the relations between every child and their Jewish roots, Beit Chabad and the Jewish community in Chernivtsi have established a formal and informal educational array to accompany the children from early childhood to adulthood.

For the young children, the community operates a daycare and a chain of schools that offer high-quality Jewish education to all the children of the community and the region. The schools are operated by a committed loving staff that remains attentive to the needs of the parents and children and invests all its efforts in presenting the educational content in a fun, inviting way that is adapted to the local language and mentality.

The kindergartens and daycare operate in a well-preserved, secured, beautifully designed and interactive complex that is adapted to young children and their developmental needs. The complex has small gardens, playgrounds, and a dining room where the children are served nutritious and Kosher meals on a daily basis.