The Holiday of Shabbat – A Festive Shabbat Meals

Every weekend, dozens and sometimes even hundreds of Jews gather to share the festive Shabbat dinner at Beit Chabad Chernivtsi and enjoy both refined cuisine and a spiritual treat

Every Sabbath eve and the following Sabbath day, after the lifting prayers, Beit Chabad organizes large Shabbat dinners and hosts dozens of the community members and occasional tourists - sometimes even hundreds - to experience together the holiness of the Sabbath, and enjoy the delicious food served to the participants.

The meal is accompanied by Torah stories, songs, and tunes, L'chaim “cheers” out of joy and unity with the personal experience of the participants.

The culinary side includes the best of the Sabbath traditional Mehadrin-Kosher-approved dishes together with Challah bread, wines, drinks, and desserts - served at the generosity appropriate to the holy Sabbath.