Accessibly and Mehadrin Tahara Mikvah

The Mehadrin Mikvehs for women, as well as a Mikveh for men, meet the highest standards and is available for the use of the residents of the area and tourists all year long.

Upon the renaissance of Judaism in the city, Beit Chabad built Mehadrin Tahara Mikvehs which created an inspiring experience and added value to the Tevilah process. The pleasant chambers, the warm welcome, and the accompaniment, as well as the assistance in every detail - make the Mikveh a valued resource and assist in conducting a lively Jewish life in the region.

When scheduling an appointment, the residents receive personal preparation and direction lessons. They are accompanied throughout the entire process, as well as in keeping the Tahara Mitzvah throughout the entire year.

The Mikveh meets the high standards of the Mehadrin Kosher of the city Rabbi and the supervision of leading experts.