Badatz Chernivtsi – Mehadrin Kosher

Badatz Chernivtsi, led by the Rabbi of the city, supervises the Kosher restaurants and provides a Mehadrin Kosher certificate to factories and hotels that provide services to the members of the community and tourists

The Rabbi of the city and the region and the director of Beit Chabad - the great Rabbi Menachem Mendel Glitzenstein Shalita, is at the head of the Mehadrin Kosher array of the city and provides - after strict examination, meticulous checks of meeting high standards and constant supervision - the Kosher certificate to leading food suppliers who serve food to the residents of the city, the region and the thousands of Jews who visit the area.

Badatz Chernivtsi issues Kosher certificates to restaurants, catering services, food factories, bakeries, and additional food services throughout the year and towards the holiday of Passover.

Jewish tourists, including Chassidic Rebbes that come to visit the graves of their fathers, trust the Mehadrin Kosher certificates and use them for their journeys.

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