Religious Services – The Array of Chief Rabbinate

The Chief Rabbinate in Chernivtsi stands at the side its Jewish residents throughout the year and warmly provides them with religious services

Similar to other rabbinates around the world, the chief rabbinate in Chernivtsi provides the residents of the city and the region with a wide variety of formal and informal religious services all year long.

Including: tracing Jewish roots, registering for marriage/divorce, Tahara and burial, remembrance ceremonies and days, Kosher arrays, Mikveh, Eruvin, Halachic response, counseling, mediation, and more.

The Chief Rabbinate of the city maintains continuous and professional relations with the rabbis and rabbinic systems in other cities of the country and additional neighboring countries, with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and with rulers of the Halacha and Kosher systems all over the world. This close collaboration greatly assists the well-being of the residents of the city, especially in complex matters of tracing Jewish roots and marriage. It also places the array of Rabbinate in a position of influence and appreciation in the city.