Experiential Judaism – Seminars and Shabbats

Throughout the year, the Jewish people residing in the region are invited to experiential seminars and Shabbats offering them a cultural Jewish richness and reinforcing their connection to the Jewish life

In the goal of connecting the Jewish residents of the region back to Judaism, enrich their knowledge and mainly reinforce their inner connection to Judaism and to the Jewish community, Beit Chabad organizes experiential seminars several times a year - often together with other projects - for different groups in the community and offers them seminars on Sabbaths.

During the seminars, the participants enjoy lectures, workshops, spectacles, and various activities along with high quality Kosher meals. They receive tools and practical tips to reinforce their connection to Judaism, for living as Jews in Ukraine, knowledge about faith and the Torah, and more.

Separate seminars take place for different target audiences and focus on various topics such as; peaceful family life for young families, relationships for young couples and students, raising and educating children for parents, relevant and adapted contexts for teenagers, and more.