Torah lessons and lectures about Jewish religion

The lectures about Jewish religion and Torah lessons for children of all ages are offered every day at the Beit Chabad to dozens of Jews who are constantly discovering their Jewish identity

At the community synagogue you can find a wide range of Torah lessons in the local language, which take place on a daily basis for the members of the community and guests visiting the picturesque city and popular region.

The “General Torah” lessons (blessed venture sponsored by the ‘Meromim Foundation’) are at the heart of the Torah-related activity. Dozens of participants, in parallel lessons given to men and women, regularly participate in Torah lessons dealing with a rich variety of topics. The participants are granted scholarships and participate in additional events throughout the year.

Alongside the general lessons, there are additional lessons that take place on a weekly basis such as fascinating Torah lectures to the general public, collective lessons, and more. In addition, Torah booklets and holy books adapted to the local language and mentality are distributed to the members of the community.