Your synagogue in Bukovina

The lively center of Chernivtsi, the renewed synagogue of the Jewish community, is now open for you around the clock - prayers, lessons, and a variety of additional activities

Dozens of synagogues, yeshivas, Torah Talmuds, and Torah Jewish institutions have operated in the city of Chernivtsi and have served its dozens of thousands of Jewish residents for hundreds of years.

That was until the horrible holocaust during which most of the country's Jewish residents were murdered. It was followed by the rising of the communist government that prohibited religious activity and gatherings and disassembled the last traces of the glorious Jewish community that lived in the city.

Upon the arrival of the Shaliach of the Chabad community, began a renaissance of Judaism in the city as well as the region. One of the synagogues that survived the horrors of the holocaust and the communist government and remained abandoned was saved and returned to the Jewish community. Thanks to the generous assistance of the Mayberg and Rohr families, the synagogue underwent massive renovation works which further enabled its activity.

Today, the synagogue gathers the Jewish residents of the city and provides them with a connection and sense of belonging to the Jewish religion and the Torah as well as to their Jewish roots.

In the synagogue, you can find energetic prayer Minyanim accessible in the local language on weekdays, Sabbath, and holidays along with Torah lessons and lectures, Sabbath and holiday meals, clubs for all age groups, and more.