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Chabad of Chernivtsi Ukraine

Beit Chabad Chernivtsi was established upon the arrival of the ‏Shaliach Chabad, Rabbi Menachem Mendel, and Pnina Glitzenstein to the city in 2003, with the goal of reviving Judaism in the city after its destruction by the Nazi oppressor and later on by the communist regime.

The city Chernivtsi is located in the west of Ukraine and constitutes the capital of the Bukovina region. It was particularly meaningful to the Jewish people in Israel and was even named “Jerusalem along the Prut”. It was the home of many synagogues, Yeshivot, educational institutes, and Jewish charity projects as well as dozens of thousands of Jews. All those were brusquely destroyed by the horrifying holocaust and the communist oppressive regime which then grew and led to the destruction of the little that was left in the city.

Upon the arrival of the Shaliachim of Rabbi Lubavitch to the city, they discovered the terrible spiritual abandonment and the huge void that was left between the heart of the Jews that used to live there and their Jewish roots. Slowly, through hard and gradual work, they began to restore the ruins and work simultaneously on a wide range of topics related to Jewish life in the city and the region.

They reestablished the Jewish community, reopened the synagogue, founded the Rabbinical institution and religious services, opened Jewish educational institutes, operated informal education structures and summer camps, offered wide humanitarian assistance, gave Torah lessons and Jewish legacy lectures, organized seminars, held prayers and Sabbath meals as well as large celebrations, gave personal and warm shoulder to each member of the community and welcome them to Judaism with open arms, and many more - and they continue to vigorously do so until this day.

Today, Beit Chabad, which operates as one entity with the local Jewish community, gained a reputation as a thriving community in which its members are proud to participate in the activity and contribute their time and money to its success.

And they shall be blessed!

Our sincere appreciation to the organizations and philanthropic foundations that stand by the community:

Mayberg family | Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia | Or Avner Foundation | The Rohr Family Foundation | International Fellowship of Christians and Jews | Meromim Foundation | Taste of Life organization and LifeChanger organization

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