How to get here:


Railway station ‘Chernivtsi’ Lviv-I railway - 58000, Chernivtsi, st. Gagarin, 38
Information bureau: 005, (0372 (2)) 4-29-24
Information bureau at night: (0372) 59-24-32
Booking tickets: 055, (0372) 59-23-02


Central Bus Station, Chernivtsi, st. 219
(03722) 4-16-35, 4-16-30
+38 (096) 0340734
+38 (095) 3067203

There are buses from the Central Bus Station to many places throughout the Ukraine and abroad. The station has a cafe, a newspaper kiosk, a pharmacy and bathrooms. Trolley buses numbers 3, 1, and 12 leave from the Central Bus Station to the city center and to the railway station.


The Chernivtsi region is in south western Ukraine, bordered by Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia regions, the Republic of Moldova and Romania. The main transport junction on the Romanian border is the ‘Porubne’, located on the M-19 motorway.

Distances from Chernivtsi to some cities and state borders:

Chernivtsi to Kiev - 569 km
Chernivtsi to Lviv - 272 km
Chernivtsi to Odessa - 750 km
Chernivtsi to Kharkov - 999 km
Chernivtsi to Dnipropetrovsk - 852 km

Chernivtsi to Moscow - 1457 km
Chernivtsi to Warsaw - 630 km
Chernivtsi to the Polish border - 350 km
Chernivtsi to the Slovakian border - 430 km
Chernivtsi to the Romanian border - 40 km


The Chernivtsi International Airport is located at ul. Chkalov, 30. There are regular flights to Kiev, as well as seasonal flights to other cities of Ukraine and abroad. The airport has ticket offices, waiting rooms, bathrooms, a hotel and a restaurant. The airport is connected by bus route number 38 to the city center and the railway station.

To purchase tickets, contact the airport terminal.

Hours of operation: Mon-Fri - 7.00 - 13.00
Phone number.: +38 0(372) 4-16-26
Mobile: +38 (099) 639-20-29

Local transport

Trolley buses

Chernivtsi has 8 trolley bus routes. They all pass through the city center and the ‘old fund’. Therefore, it is easy to get to Central Square, and from there, to the any other location within Chernivtsi.


Chernivtsi has Minibuses as well as taxi services which provide a variety of car options, from economy to luxury cars. .

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